Chumash Tournament

Chumash is a fast-paced, non-stop 3v3 game of lacrosse that is played on a smaller field with a two-sided goal placed in the center of the field and no goalie. the focus of Chumash is the individual and "two-man" game. Dodging two-handed play, the "pick and roll," "give and go," and 1v1 defense are strongly emphasized in Chumash. The game is best played in teams of 5-6 players, allowing for both plenty of game time as well as rest. Games are played in two-ten minute halves with a 5 minute haftime.

The Chumash teams will be coached by the Boston Cannons. One Cannon's player per field, switching Chumash teams at the half.

June 17th, Cardon Stadium

COST $125 per team (create your own team with 5-6 players)

FREE AGENT $25 per player (we will create the teams)

We are working on the schedule and will post it here and send emails once it is completed. We will start the tournament at noon on Sunday to allow families a little bit of time with their dad's for Father's Day.

Please arrive at Cardon Stadium at 11:30 for warm-ups. We will have the schedule there for the day of games. Tournament should end around 3:30.

Columbia Cannons